Eatlery - Edible cutlery that is Tasty not Wasty!

Why Sustainability ?

We want to leave our environment more eco-friendly behind than how we found it. Now is the time to act! Making a difference to our surroundings doesn’t have to be intense. It’s all about those small eco-friendly, zero waste, biodegradable actions that we take, that makes us a Sustainable Thinker.

Why Sustainable
Dinnerware ?

For the past few years, our goal has been simple. To reduce the dependency people have on plastic, by producing non-toxic, eatable dinnerware. Our products are flavoured, both easy to use and easy to eat! 

Our Story

Eatlery is one such product line from our sustainable initiative – FRENVI, which stands for “Friendly Environment”. One of the many reasons to start our journey towards eco-friendly products was that we believed, we had to develop a business plan that adds value to every aspect of the environment, which includes society, wildlife and nature. One of our solutions to this was to eliminate single-use plastic. 

Phanindra, Abhinav

Founders, Frenvi & Eatlery


The brand name EATlery is made up of EAT and Cutlery which comprises a growing range of edible cutlery. We follow a new and sustainable production process, for cost-effective volume production that has been developed and patented. With a sophisticated recipe based on natural, renewable raw materials, mainly consisting of a well-balanced grain mixture. These sustainable cutlery products are given the necessary functionality, stability and an excellent taste. 

EATlery Spoons

EATlery's edible spoons are made from highly nutritious ingredients. Spoons that contain your daily edible elements makes it healthy to consume, after eating anything with it.

EATlery Sporks

EATlery's Spork is a fork and a spoon combined in one single edible cutlery. Also made from healthy renewable ingredients, these add extra taste to flavour any food item that you wish to eat.

EATlery Ice Cream Spoons

Coming Soon!


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