EATlery Moments

Edible cutlery is a real zero-waste solution that can be used flexibly in many different moments.

Indoors and Outdoors

The edible cutlery products, EATlery©, are equally ideal for stationary restaurants, hotels and cafés with seated guests, as well as for to-go and takeaway products. EATlery© is developed to fit the different requirements of all individual moments, so that stability, but also edibility is given. While using EATlery, the taste of the food is not affected. As soon as it is nibbled on after eating, its own taste unfolds.

Hot Beverages

For beverages like Coffee, Soup, Tea and others, where the temperature of your beverage is up to a 100°C, our products have been tested to have a durability of 15 to 20 mins.

Hot Meals

For all your hot meals like Pasta, Currywurst, Rice and others, that have food temperature of up to a 100°C, the durability of our products was tested to last for about 40-50 mins.

Cold Desserts

For cold food items such as Desserts, Salads, Vesper and others, where the temperature of the eatery item is between 0°C to 15°C, our spoons and sporks last until 60 mins.

Frozen Meals

For Ice Creams and Milkshakes and other frozen desserts, where the temperature of the food item is between -25°C to 0°C, our products can sustain themselves for 50-60 mins.

We have currently developed a sweet version for ice cream, coffee, tea, cake, dessert, etc. and a delicately spicy yet slightly salty variant for dishes such as soup, pasta, salad etc. The products can be used anywhere. In a cafe, for food trucks, in a train station or train bistro, at concerts, at catering events, in a football stadium, for a beach visit, in kindergarten, at school, in airplanes or just as a convenience food.
EATlery© should be and is eaten with pleasure, but it would also decompose naturally within 30 days.
This ending is good for the environment.

Two in One : Cutlery and Cookie

EATlery© is both a cutlery & a cookie.
With EATlery©, the customer receives a cookie as a nice gesture from the restaurant, it is environmentally friendly and sustainable, the customer has a clear conscience and is happy to come back. Sustainable customer loyalty 2.0!
The restaurant can tell his guests a story about sustainability concerning EATlery©, hands them a cookie, subsequently binds the customer to them and ultimately saves costs in waste disposal, municipal one-way packaging tax and in washing up.

Advantages of EATlery Products

  • Best environmental balance in CO2 footprint, energy and water consumption compared to all alternatives (wood, PLA, etc.) 

  • Made from renewable raw materials (over 80% grain mix) 

  • Naturally compostable in the garden within 30 days 

  • No washing the dishes necessary, because of one-way logistics 

  • No waste disposal necessary, because the customer consumes the cutlery 

  • Excellent taste 

  • Reward in customer experience, because of 2-in-1 concept (Cutlery & Cookie) 
  • Healthy, because of natural ingredients, a balanced mix of cereals and no added sugar 
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Environmentally friendly, especially for oceans and animals 
  • Inexpensive production of higher volumes possible 
  • Local production in Germany 
  • Production, product and packaging are in line with the “circular economy” as zero waste

  • If the customer doesn’t consume EATlery©, then it naturally decomposes or serves as animal food.


  • High standard of hygiene for food when handling. Best before 6 months
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