Edible cutlery is an alternative to single use cutlery which once used functionally as cutlery to eat your hot or cold meal, can further be consumed like a tasty and nutritious cookie.
Ideally zero waste cutlery like EATlery is to be eaten just like a tasty and nutritious cookie, but if thrown into the trash or into the environment, it easily decomposes within 30 days or gets eaten by the wildlife, which would be a nutritious snack for them.
Eco-friendly products like EATlery is developed with consideration of taste and nutrition along with usability as a cutlery, hence motivating people to eat the cookie after use, leaving zero-waste.
Yes. For our food ingredients we primarily focus on the use of renewable resources, regional sourcing and production of edible cutleries in Germany to leave considerably lesser carbon footprint behind. Our carbon footprint is significantly lower than other alternatives products.  
Ecofriendly products like EATlery generate no waste, as they are home and garden compostable within 30 days, hence, there is no harm to the environment and the wildlife. Additionally, it’s healthy, vegetarian with composition of natural ingredients and as well with excellent taste.
Zero-waste cutlery like EATlery has a significantly lower carbon footprint than plastic single use cutlery as well as a much lower carbon footprint than the other alternatives. Additionally, they are tasty and leave no waste at the end.
Ecofriendly products like EATlery is made of natural food ingredients, hence it will either decompose within 30 days or be eaten by the wildlife when discarded in the environment.
No it is not. It will either decompose within 30 days or serve as a nutritious snack for the wildlife.
Edible cutleries like EATlery are made of wheat flour and various nutritious and natural binders.
Reusable cutlery is suitable for only eat-in application, whereas natural biodegradable cutlery like EATlery can be used in both eat-in and take away applications.


Yes. The nutritional value is: 390kcal per 100g
Yes, within 30 days with ideal natural composting conditions.
EATlery offers currently spoons, sporks and ice cream spoons which are compatible in both hot and cold food. EATlery is also developing Fork and knife which will be out in market soon.
Currently we offer edible cutlery like EATlery as a zero waste cutlery option.
No, Currently we offer hybrid of spoon and fork called spork, which can be used for salads, currywurst etc.


Yes. It is stable upto 20 min. Don’t worry, after 20 min it does not get dissolved in soup but it will become soft which can be eaten to get yummy flavor.

Yes. It is stable upto 40 min. You can enjoy your risotto with EATlery.

No, It does not affect the taste of meal. You only get the flavors of EATlery when you bite it.

Yes, It is just like a cookie.

Yes, absolutely it is compatible. It is stable in cold foods like ice cream, cakes, puddings etc. upto 60 min.


Yes, of course it is completely stable in hot conditions without influencing the flavor of coffee.


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